Reunion 2002


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The First U.S. Naval Beach Battalion
Reunion 2002

Virginia Beach, Virginia

May 16 -- May 19, 2002

The 49th  (?) reunion of our 1st US Naval Beach Battalion was a smashing success. We thank Dave Jester, his family, and his office staff for organizing such a wonderful reunion.

We were so happy to see a few new faces and Dave's suggestion that each member call at least one person and personally invite them to attend next year's reunion will no doubt make next year's even bigger.

Excellent accommodations were provided by the Ramada Inn on the Beach. On a personal note, I (Tim) would like to thank the housekeeping staff for finding and returning the digital camera I carelessly left behind. Many of the pictures included here would have been lost forever if not for the help of Ms. Emma Pinto and her staff.

As planned, we visited the Battleship Wisconsin, the Nauticus Maritime Museum, the MacArthur Memorial Museum, and the Home of the 1st Naval Beach Battalion: "Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek".

We would especially like to thank our hosts at Little Creek NAB. The Commander of SEAL Team 10, his Lieutenant, the Skipper of the Beach Masters and his Lieutenant, and all of the men and women there made us feel welcome and proud. -- Thank You!

Tim White
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