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4th Beach Battalion
Operation Avalanche: U.S. Navy's 4th Beach Battalion Assault on Salerno Without the presence of the U.S. Navy's 4th Beach Battalion on the fire-swept beaches of Salerno...
6th Beach Battalion
6th Beach Battalion Honored Navy unit honored for work
in paving the way for D-Day landings
The Fighting Sailors of Omaha Beach, France, June 6, 1944 An article by Robert L. Watson, a member of the 6th Beach Battalion. Hosted on the HBO website.
7th Beach Battalion
Julius Shoulars of the 7th Beach Battalion A first-person article by a member of the 7th Beach Battalion
A great first-person narrative Lots of emphasis on the 2nd and 7th Beach Battalions at Omaha Beach.
Anzio Landing An account of the Anzio Landing in which the 1st Beach Battalion is mentioned.
Beachmaster Unit One History A link to the present-day navy
Soldier's Stories, Garwood Bacon. 7th Beach Battalion A personal narrative from
Heroes Without Recognition News article from Jacksonville, FL. 6/6/2000.
Knee-Deep: Sailers' (sic) Assault on Salerno An account of the 4th Beach Battalion's contribution to Operation Avalanche.
Operation Torch Auto-biographical link about Operation TORCH. 
Operation Avalanche US Coast Guard site.
Operation Avalanche Wikipedia entry
'Sailors Dressed Like Soldiers' US Naval Institute
Man fights for D-Day award long forgotten St. Petersburg Times article 6/19/2000
Richard Gibler D-Day honor ... 56 years later Newspaper article 1/29/2001
The Invasion of Normandy: Beyond the Beach Naval Historical Center page.
Veteran's Day Tribute  News from Steve Horn. U.S. Representative, 38th District, California
Veteran making sure his battalion is not forgotten Newspaper article 5/26/2001
A YN in D-Day Home for Heros - Profiles
...three sailors from the 2nd Naval Beach Battalion Story about the 2nd Beach Battalion
D-Day Beach Battalions Honored A story on the official website of the US Navy. Release Date: 7/16/2003
Carroll Kilmer Sadly, an obituary.
William Seaman, attorney Sadly, an obituary.
Tim White
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